Moonshot Laboratories are hyper collaborative makerspaces that put students at the center of solving enormous challenges facing their communities. By leveraging a Moonshot Mindset, Design Thinking, local expertise and the bleeding edge tools of the modern economy, Moonshot Lab students become innovators in our communities and agents of change in our schools.


"You helped us become the best version of ourselves."

- 9th grader


“(Moonshot teacher) was always telling us that our voice matters and what we do matters. That was important because on campus we didn’t feel like our voice mattered.”

- 11th grader

“We didn’t really learn how we do back at school. Here I feel like we learned more of a new way of thinking. It’s like you taught us a new process of solving problems and how to take into consideration everything on the way to get to the solution. Before I came here, I would just go with it and if something went wrong I’d stop. Here, once I find a problem, I can think why that happened and take all that into consideration when I find a solution.”

- 12th grader

“You guys made me love coming to school. I even get up early to come here.”

- 11th grader


“This is where we learned how to work together. They showed us the true meaning of teamwork. It’s a whole different thing.”

- 10th grader

"It’s a really good, original, non-traditional way for students to learn. Honestly, I’ve learned more in this class than I have all year. The way you (Moonshot teachers) speak and teach, I can see in your faces and in the way you communicate with us that you know you need to come to students. Now it’s ok to fail and I can be an entrepreneur and innovator.”

- 12th grader


“It’s not your typical classroom class. You get to fail. It’s ok to fail in these classes.”

- 10th grader


“They used real life applications so we can actually see how it (learning) is useful. In school they tell us random facts, but we don’t see the purpose in real life. Here we see the purpose and it all has meaning. We are dealing with real world issues.”

- 12th grader

“It’s just amazing; there’s nothing else.”​

- 9th grader

"This place changed us."

- 9th grader




The Moonshot Laboratory began as a research project at the University of Hawaii's University Laboratory School. During our pilot year, students engaged in a number of projects including school redesign, 10x community-based sustainability camps and collaborated with companies like Steelcase and Google. We quickly learned the students were ready for something bigger. Learn more about the concept...



Launched in partnership with Education Incubator in 2017 with 5 schools, 30 teachers and more than 200 kids, the Moonshot Laboratory HI (MSLHI) brought together many of the pieces necessary for true, community-based innovation and problem solving. A hyper-collaborative makerspace, community partners, innovative schools and a staff of unbelievable educators put MSLHI at the center of community-based innovation. Learn more about MSLHI...

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Launching in 2019, the Moonshot Laboratory Orange County (MSLOC) will take the next step in creating an hyper-collaborative. With new partners, new students and a state-of-the-art mega-makerspace, Moonshot Laboratory Orange County will take student innovation and entrepreneurship to the next level. Learn how your school can get involved...



When we launched Moonshot Labs we thought students were capable of doing anything if just given the chance. We were wrong. They can do much more than that. Explore a collection of student innovations created at the Moonshot Laboratory Hawaii in only the FIRST YEAR of programming. Imagine what these kids can do with more time? Learn more...