These workshops are designed to support educators looking to integrate student-centered, innovative best practices into their classrooms that help boost student agency, innovation and community-based problem solving. Each workshop includes numerous turn-key activities that are ready to be taken back to your classrooms and used with your students.



It was inspiring. Since I am teaching a new class this year, this has opened my eyes to what I can do. I can't wait to go back to the classroom and let students be free.

- High School Teacher

I loved the background knowledge, opportunity to explore and risk-taking environment that allowed us to take our time to understand and try out something new.

- Middle School Teacher

Never a boring moment. Always had me thinking. Applicable to teaching and to "real" life! - Elementary School Teacher

The excitement and endless possibilities to shoot beyond the moon. I'm excited for my teachers and how they can transform what they do in their classes to support kids to become Moonshot Thinkers and Do-ers! - Principal stoked about this program and I know you folks will change my students' view on learning and will inspire them to reach their full potential and make the world a better place. Mahalo!

- Principal

I liked how relevant the information and content was. It's exciting because I know my students would be so engaged if there were opportunities like this. The first part of the day (with the activities) were executed perfectly!

- High School Teacher

I like the process of doing, debriefing, and then learning. It puts me in the mindset of my students and allows me to empathize with them. I can understand a little bit better about what they are thinking about when presented with a challenge/problem.

- Middle School Teacher


Coming Soon

This workshop takes student innovation and community-based problem solving to the next level. Helping students develop a Moonshot Mindset means no problem is too big and no challenge is impossible.


Design Thinking is not only a process for coming up with innovative ideas and projects. It is also a way for students to build enormous amounts of empathy, empowerment and agency. This workshop provides educators with the tools, activities and curriculum to bring Design Thinking into their classroom.


10X Problem Solving puts students in the lead for solving the greatest challenges facing their community. This workshop introduces educators to new and innovative problem solving strategies that will help your students start thinking bigger.



Our partners at Brandman University are offering Graduate Level Professional Development Credits for Launchpad Workshop attendees! More information can be found at

Brandman University embraces a workforce development approach to assisting organizations with recruitment, retention, and employee engagement. Given the current economic climate of low unemployment, it’s more important than ever to upskill new hires who may not initially be properly prepared to be a good fit with your organization, and Brandman is here to help! Whether you’re looking for academic degrees, certificate programs, corporate training, competency-based education program via Brandman’s MyPath, or employee scholarship programs, partnering with Brandman University is a smart business decision.


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Our workshops will be held at Urban Workshop in Costa Mesa. This hyper collaborative makerspace provides educators and students access to the tools of the modern economy, the space to use them and the expertise to help them learn how to innovate.


Urban Workshop is North America’s leading membership based D.I.Y. workshop / makerspace offering 28,000 square feet of facilities packed with modern tools and equipment, onsite project storage, adult training, and youth STEM based shop classes. Their 1,700+ members rely on them to provide up to date equipment, machinery, tools, and training to give them the skills and resources they need to be successful in life and business. Over 1,300 adults take classes annually along with 800 young students in their youth program making Urban Workshop one of the largest STEM based shop class training centers in North America.

We are excited to have Urban Workshop as our innovation partner in 2019-2020!